Mother & Baby Classes

*Morning, afternoon and Saturday Pop Up classes are available.
Our classes and activities are age specific, however, we do make concessions for family/ friends that want to be together in a class and their babies are a different age.

Age groups

Tiny Stars: 2 – 6 months
Baby stars: 6 – 9 months
Busy Stars: 9 – 12 months
Super Stars: 12 – 18 months
Bright Stars: 18 – 24 months

Baby Bright Stars Experience

Research has shown that the first year of a child’s life is the most important for development. The Baby Bright Stars program teaches social and emotional skills, co-ordination, language skills, awareness of the world, sensory stimulation, curiosity and many other techniques. Above all, it is an enjoyable and delightful environment for both mom and baby and an opportunity to form friendships, share experiences and receive advice and most importantly to spend quality time with your precious little star. Classes are theme-based and you and your baby will go on an adventure through the garden, to the seaside, into the jungle, on the farm and into the world of TV characters, sport and colors.

Some of the activities that we cover in a 90 minute session:

Settling in time: Babes have an opportunity to play with age appropriate toys or in the play zone.
Greeting: The theme for the week is introduced.
Stimulation Activities: Age-appropriate discovery boxes are handed out with items to exercise all the senses.
Fine-Motor/Gross-Motor Activities: The finer activities will develop babe’s pincer grip (pencil grip) and posting, threading, stacking and sorting will be introduced.  With gross-motor, we stimulate the larger muscle groups, which develop balance and co-ordination.
Exercise Time: Depending on the class/age of baby we will teach mom to do various exercises with their babies, which they can also do at home or teach Dad.
Music Time: This involves singing, rhymes and musical instruments.
Outside Fun & Messy Play: An opportunity for your little one, to go outside, release energy and be creative.
  • Obstacle courses/textured walk
  • Play Zone
  • Bubbles
  • Parachute Time
  • Soft Toy Cuddle Time
  • Story Time
  • Massage time (Tiny Stars only)
  • Tea Time