Other Classes

Infant Massage Classes

This is a course for parents and their infants from birth to one year. It’s a fantastic chance to discover your baby’s uniqueness and to share quality time with your precious star. Research has shown that touch is as important as food; Parents feel secure in their ability to do something positive for and receive positive response from their baby.

Interaction (promotion of bonding)
Stimulation (circulatory, digestive & respiratory system)
Relief (gas, colic, teething discomfort & constipation)
Relaxation (improved sleep patterns)

Infant baby massage is taught comprehensively in our “Tiny Stars” (2- 6 months) course. All our franchise owners are qualified instructors in Infant Massage and have completed the International Association of Infant Massage course.


Cooking Stars

Our cooking classes are run as holiday sessions. These are suitable for children between the ages of 3 – 6 years. Tots will learn about healthy eating options and will have a fun hands on experience, stirring, mixing, kneading and exploring new flavours.

Classes will help your child build in confidence, explore different senses and express creativity. Please send an email for further information.

Email us to find out when the next course is starting!

Professional Photoshoots

Photoshoots are offered at regular intervals throughout the year, such as Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas. We love to support and showcase photographers who are mothers attending BBS classes.

Prices vary amongst the franchises but are extremely affordable. It’s completely your choice if you would like to take up these offers! Photographs are usually taken during class time.